Corrosive Knights, a 8/7/20 Update

Been a little while since last I wrote about what’s going on with the latest book in the Corrosive Knights series…

Today, Friday the 7th of August, I’m getting near the end of the revision process (revision #5) of Book #8 of the series.

While I could have waited and written this post when I’d completed the revision, I didn’t want to leave it until next week. Things are going well, incredibly so, and I’m finding myself with a big smile each day that passes and each section I clean up on the computer.

Beyond this draft there is still work to be done, mind you, and as I’ve written before there are maybe another 2 or 3 drafts to go before I’m satisfied and feel the book is ready for release.

But this draft represents -at least so far!- what could be my last “major” revision, ie dealing with actual story telling issues, and I think so far I’ve managed to fix them even as they have required sometimes rather extensive rewrites.

This is important, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times before, because when I move away from actively creating new material to dealing with how the story is told (ie, grammatical and clarity of storytelling issues) things tend to move very quickly to their end.

Again, though: I’m finding myself really happy with how everything is coming together, which isn’t always the case when I’m writing.

Writing is, as I’ve also mentioned no doubt countless times, pretty damn intensive work. For me, I’m most happy when I have the novel completed and especially with the paperback version in my hand and on my shelf.

That’s not to say there are never happy moments sprinkled throughout the writing process, where a particular section or bit or dialogue or description you’re working on just works.

Lately, though, at least through the past few days, I’ve felt this with each section I’ve revised and that bodes well for how close things are to the end.

I figure by this weekend, Sunday at the latest, I’ll have the computer revisions finished up and will print out the book and begin reading and revising it with pen/ink. In other words, next week I should be starting Revision #6. When the pen/ink revisions are done, then its off to put those fixes into the Word file.

We’re getting there, folks, and I couldn’t be happier!