Corrosive Knights, a 9/1/20 Update

Though I thought I might not be ale to do so, I wrapped up Draft #6 of Book #8 in the Corrosive Knights series last night…

Though I printed out Draft #6 on 8/8/20, I didn’t get to it until around 8/17/20. The first step was reading through it and marking up corrections in pen/ink. Once done with that, I then transferred the corrections to the book’s Word file.

Having finished this process yesterday, it means it took me a grand total of two weeks to finish up the process, start to end, of getting Draft #6 done.

As I’ve noted before, when a novel I’m working on is near finished, the process of getting the draft done becomes very quick. Early on, it was not unheard of for a draft to take three or four months to be finished up.

Again: It took me a grand total of two weeks to get this one finished.

So today my intention is to print the latest corrected version of the book and, either tomorrow or the next day (we’ll see), I’m starting up Draft #7.

If all goes as it should, it could well take even less than two weeks to get this draft done, meaning I’ll probably be done with it in the middle of September.

I strongly suspect, however, that Draft #7 won’t be the final one and that I’ll need to go through a Draft #8 before the book is indeed completed.

In theory, we’re talking about maybe one more month of work, which means the book…

ta da!

…could well be released by October.

In fact, that’s what I’m shooting for, an early to mid-October release.

Hang on folks, its just around the corner now!

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