Corrosive Knights, a 9/11/20 Update…!

Only been three days since my last update, but as of yesterday, I finished up Draft #7 of Book #8 in the Corrosive Knights series…

I went ahead and printed the revised Draft and, starting today, begin the process of reading the whole thing once more while marking my pen & ink revision. As of this moment, I’m quite confident this will wind up being the last full draft I need to do of the book.

By that I mean that while doing Draft #7 I found most of the book required only very light fix ups. There were a few pages, no more than 20 out of 200, that required a bit more work but now that I’ve revised them, I suspect even those pages are very close to good-to-go.

What I plan to do is read through the entire book yet again, make my pen & ink revisions, and once I put them into the computer, that will be the last time I need to go over the book from start to end. If I find any pages that required more than a “little” work, I’ll go over them but no longer feel like I’ll need to go over the entire book.

It’s simply no longer necessary.

I’m hopeful that Book #8 will be done by no later than one week from today, next Friday the 18th. By done, I mean just that: Completely done.

So, from today through next week, there are several things still needed to be done:

First, of course, is to get through the entire novel once more, then take on pages -if any- that require one more look.

Second is to get the cover and back cover commissioned and made (this should take maybe a week or, if progress is slow, two), which means I should have everything done by not much later than the last full week of September.

Once all that’s done, I will make the novel available for purchase ASAP.

I’m beyond excited this novel is almost ready for its release, and I can’t wait to get it out to everyone!