President Trump… Reap What You Sow…?

For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

So last night we found out that Hope Hicks, confidant to President Trump, had Covid-19.

Right away, speculation ran rampant that President Trump, who hangs around with her perhaps more than any of his other staff, could have it as well.

Last night, a little past midnight, the AP verified what many speculated: The President, as well as his wife Melania, tested positive for Covid-19.

It’s so very tempting, as someone who has absolutely no love for Trump the man and certainly Trump the President, to revel in this moment.

I certainly could, and I even found a posting over at that made me laugh out loud:

But eventually the reality of the situation provokes, once the laughter dies, a feeling of… anger.

Here we have the most powerful man in the world, the President of the freaking United States of America, who for months and months and months refused to take Covid-19 seriously. A man who mocked people who wear masks and steadfastly refused to do so, in a country where over 200,000 people have now died from this disease and, to my great shame, there still exist a bunch of people who do not take this disease seriously… mostly because of the actions of President Trump.

President Trump, a man who just three days ago had the first Presidential debate, where everyone on the Joe Biden side wore masks while at least half of those on the Trump side, including his idiot kids and wife, did not wear their masks while in the audience, even though they -and everyone who witnessed the debate- were told they needed to wear them at the indoor event.

(To read more about that, check out this article by Shannon Palus and presented on

Ivanka Trump turns around in attendance at the presidential debate.
The above picture, from the debate, shows Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump sitting next to each other (one in black, one in white, natch).

At this moment in time -again, only three days ago– it was possible both President Trump and Melania were already infected and, because they so steadfastly refuse to wear any protection, were putting people around them at risk.

Including, of course, Joe Biden.

The First Presidential Debate Was 'Unproductive,' Teens Say | Teen Vogue

For ninety minutes Mr. Biden, though a fair distance from President Trump, nonetheless was close enough to be in danger of catching the disease. It was reported this morning he will get himself and those around him tested. I’m sure they hope neither he nor anyone who was at the debate on his behalf, even though they wore masks, was infected by this careless bunch.

Yet another case of Trump saying something that’s come back to bite him right in the ass.

We’re only a month from the actual election and we face yet another couple of weeks of grave uncertainty.

Will Trump recover fairly quickly? What if he doesn’t? What if the infection hits him hard? What if it hits him… really hard?

The big question: What if it kills him?

Grim stuff to contemplate, for sure, but the reality is he’s an elderly man who isn’t -despite his medic’s say so- in terribly good shape. As such, he’s in the population most at risk for developing more serious problems because of the virus.

Though, of course, that’s not to say he will.


Once again, its time to buckle up. Hell of a bumpy ride ahead of us.