News of the Macabre…

Over at comes this report by Amanda Jackson:

A man fell to his death while taking pictures on a cliff in Arizona. Authorities discovered other remains while recovering his body

Don’t want to give away the story but, essentially, most of it is indeed given away with the headline.

A 25 year old man, taking pictures off a cliff in Arizona, fell to his death. Upon recovering the man’s body, officials found other human remains…!

The story is developing. According to the article, what was found near this man’s body were human bones. I don’t know if they are remains of one person or more (I suspect -perhaps hope!- that its only one person’s lost remains) but clearly whoever it was died a while back, considering all that’s left now are bones.

Chilling story, both regarding the gentleman who died and whoever the bones found belong to.

I suppose the only positive about a story like this is that hopefully the bones found will be identified and someone will have closure on the loss of a loved one.