Only In L.A…

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A man flying a jetpack has been spotted again in the skies over L.A.

We got ourselves quite the daredevil out there!

Seems that an individual with a jet pack has been spotted -with this latest stunt!- at least twice, the first time in September 1, by pilots coming into L.A.

The individual’s altitude was first reported at 3000 feet. This time around?

6000 feet!


Don’t know who this person is but I have to give them credit: They do seem to have developed an interesting device, if it is capable of such altitude.

I know it may sound silly, but I wonder: Can they land with the thing or does it simply go up, run out of gas or whatever power it has, then the dude parachutes back to earth?

I suspect we’ll find out soon enough…!

So Florida has Florida Man. I suppose L.A. now has Jet Pack Man or Woman!


So I did a little looking around, specifically on Reddit, regarding this story and a couple of people pointed out something which may be true: This could be either a) a drone with a human looking mannequin on it or b) a man/woman on a wingsuit who jumped out of an airplane and is flying around this way. In other words, if it is a person, they might not have “lifted off” from the ground but were already airborne when they started their flight.

Regarding the later theory, a person with a wingsuit who jumped out of an aircraft, that’s something others would notice, even at the airport they departed from, as its tough to enter an aircraft with such equipment and not be seen.

As for the former, some goofball using a drone with a human shaped mannequin on it, that seems like it could also be a legitimate possibility. But to get to 6000 feet, the drone would have to be a pretty sophisticated one, I would think, and not the type you’d find in Best Buy, no?

Regardless, whoever is doing this, whether indeed we have someone with an almost science fictional jet pack or a was dropped from an aircraft with a wingsuit or a drone with a mannequin… its all incredibly dangerous.

I hope whoever is doing this is found and stopped before they smash into an actual aircraft.