Amy Coney Barrett

Yep, politics.


So yesterday the Republican Senate, in an obvious attempt to strong arm the judicial system -which, by the way, they’ve been doing for the past few years- replaced the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg with Amy Coney Barrett.

The speed by which they did this was incredible, as was the rank display of hypocrisy.

Having said that…

It’s looking more and more likely -though we certainly won’t know until November the 3rd in the evening- that Biden will win the presidency and quite possibly the Democratic Party will win the Senate.

This is not a certainty, though if you are to go by the polls -a dangerous proposition, of course!- it sure looks likely.

There are those who will say this was the case in 2016 and you’d not be completely wrong. However, there were differences between the election back then and now.

For one, back then Trump had no record to run against. Secondly, the Republicans very successfully demonized Hillary Clinton for years leading up the election, and voters on that side weren’t quite as motivated to go out and vote versus those who voted Republican.

Further to all that, there were many who decided to give Trump a shot, that maybe he would do something good, which leads us back to his record.

Biden is not Clinton.

He has a record, certainly, but its a lot harder to go against him than it was for Clinton. With one week left to go, I’d say that the Trump campaign hasn’t really laid much of a glove on Biden at all.

Early on there were the “Sleepy Joe” lines, but given the fact that Biden is only three years older than Trump and given the way the debates went, if anything it proved that Biden, despite his advanced age, is very sharp and, dare I say it, appeared a lot sharper than Trump.

They tried to go after Hunter Biden and supposed dealings he had, but these have proven complicated and -let’s be clear- bogus. When peddled by someone like Rudy Guliani, they also invite considerable scrutiny.

They’ve tried to go after VP candidate Kamala Harris, saying she’s some kind of socialist/leftist, but I get the feeling that’s not really done them much good, either.

Maybe its me, but that whole socialist/leftist bit seems to have played itself out at this point and people -not all, of course- maybe realize nowadays that its not such a scary concept, especially since so many European countries have a socialist type system and they seem to be doing more than fine with it.

We’ve got one week to go and, happily, our family has early voted. I double checked and my vote was indeed counted (if you’re worried about this, you can check your votes. Google it!)

I’m hoping for good news next week even though I’m of course worried about the worst.

IF the elections go the way I think they will, I suspect the Republican victories in the judiciary are going to be very short lived.

We’ll see.