COronavirus Diary 22

Wow, some weekend.

First up, on Saturday, the networks finally give the Presidential election to Joe Biden and, then on Sunday, it becomes clear we have to deal with Tropical Storm Eta.

I was aware she was around, having ravaged Central America earlier in the week as a very powerful Hurricane.

However, the fact that it was projected to go very close -even possibly over us- came abruptly. So abruptly I didn’t have the time to take down the car canopy our home has.

The canopy was there when we bought the house over 20 years ago and we’ve replaced it some two or three times since. Thing is, the metal which holds it up is pretty rusted now and I’ve been thinking of replacing the whole thing in the last year.

If the canopy is removed, the frame itself will easily survive a hurricane, much less a tropical storm, because the metal frame doesn’t catch air. However, with the canopy on, it can act as a parachute and, given the weak frame, my fear was that the whole thing would get ripped up and out of the ground.

But I couldn’t take it down. Even when I knew the storm would close in on us, we had plenty of rain and I realized I’d have to take my car out of the carport area because if indeed the carport folds or gets torn out of the ground, last thing I wanted was for the metal frame to mess up my or my wife’s cars.

This morning, I was happy to see that the canopy survived, though one of the metal posts lifted from the ground.

Yeah, its looking like I’m gonna have to spend some money on a new canopy after all.

Even with all this happening, the buzz I feel for Biden’s election hasn’t lifted. I remain incredibly happy about the election results -though I’d be lying if I said that I’m not depressed by the number of people who, despite all that Trump did, still felt he was a viable choice for re-election.

Worse -and expected- Trump has yet to concede the election and some of his sycophants (the increasingly unhinged Rudy Guliani in particular) are talking about lawsuits and finding all this imaginary fraudulent votes and… sheesh.

There have been some news analysists who worry what Trump will do on the final days of his presidency, if he will try to “break” as much as he can on the way out the door.

I hope he doesn’t, but one never knows.

Hope everyone else out there had a decent weekend!