The Morning After The Day…

Yesterday, January 6th, was a painful, frightening, bewildering, infuriating day.

I couldn’t not watch as the terrorists descended upon the Capitol and managed -how?!- to make their way into the building.

Where were the police? Where were the National Guards?

Even worse were images of what appeared to be at least one police officer… taking selfies with these terrorists?!

VIDEO: Cop took selfie with rioters as police let them in | Morning Bulletin

What. The. Hell.

I mean, he’s not holding the camera, its the idiot terrorist taking the picture, but what is the Officer doing there?!

Anyway, the terrorists were eventually pushed away. There were four people who died from this terrorist action (read about that here), three from medical issues and a woman who was part of the mob was shot and died from the wound. The details of how she was shot hasn’t been, at least that I’m aware of, revealed yet.

All of this, all of this, in my opinion rests with Donald Trump and his enablers. Donald Trump is, sadly, only the latest result of too many years of right wing media propaganda/brain-washing.

Sadly, the end results are people believing alarming lies.

Even more sadly, too many people I know, some very close to me, believe these lies.

Donald Trump couldn’t have lost the election, they say. He was robbed, he insists, just as he insisted President Obama wasn’t born in the United States (reality check: Yes, he was).

If people believe a string of alarming lies and somehow feel like nefarious things are going on and their rights are being trampled by evil socialist/liberals…

…then it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when these people, those who swallow these lies whole, feel empowered to do something about it.

I’m absolutely not excusing the terrorists’ actions, only trying in my own way to explain them.

They’re grown ass men and women and they should know better.

Which is why its so damn alarming that while Trump lost the election by an overwhelming 7 million votes, there were still so many people who voted for him.

Some, I’m certain, held their noses when they voted. Many, sadly, did so happily, enthusiastically.

Those who committed those actions yesterday need to be brought to justice. Those who encouraged them -including Donald Trump himself- need to be brought to justice.

Late last night the Senate and House of Representative formally affirmed Joe BIden’s election. At some point last night President Trump finally –finally!– acknowledged his loss (even with his usual lies about having the election stolen) and spoke of a “peaceful transition”.

Too little, too late.

Today there is talk -and I hope it amounts to more than that- of serious consideration to invoke the 25 Amendment and remove Donald Trump from office.

I hope it happens.

Thought Trump only has 13 days to go, that’s an awful long time and, as we saw yesterday, things can go bad awfully quickly.

Let’s see what this new day brings.