One more weekend…

This is it, folks: Donald Trump’s last weekend as President of these United States.

Next week, on the 20th, Joe Biden officially becomes President and Trump is gone.

Or so we hope.

There have been some who wonder if he’ll try to “stay” in the White House, essentially force the new administration to evict him.

I dunno.

Already there has been movement seen in/around the White House, moving boxes arriving and staff taking their personal (I hope, anyway!) stuff out.

Trump is, if nothing else, a master at bending reality to his warped views but reality has a way of cutting through even the slickest of warped views.

There is talk about him continuing being a force in the Republican party, perhaps even running again in 2024.

Personally, I feel like he’s spent. What happened last week on the Capitol is going to follow him -and his heirs- for the rest of their lives and, I feel, views of it will only grow more and more negative.

They already have, with the many horrifying filmed scenes which reveal the brutal reality of that insurrection.

The most radicalized out there are going to stay that way, sadly. But even now, after Trump’s twitter and other communication devices cancelled out, I’m noting we’re seeing so much less of his insanity… and it feels kinda nice.

I don’t doubt Trump will do some more horrifying things in the next few days before he leaves office -I suspect we’ll see plenty of idiotic pardons, including Trump trying to pardon himself- but at this time next week, we’ll be two full days into Biden’s administration and two full days since Trump has had any power.

I can’t wait.