On Writing… More Stuff

So a couple of days ago the novel I’m currently working on seemed to somewhat come together after several months of working on it.


I wish I could offer some kind of short cut to coming up with a story but the reality is that, at least for me, its a tough process that involves so much daily thought and consideration…

For me, at least, my novels have to have a special something to make them come together and be worth pursuing. At the risk of sounding really obnoxious, I want to say something with each book. I want readers to have some very complete work which has its beginning, middle, and end which, if I’ve done things right, will leave you, the reader, satisfied.

Hopefully, more than satisfied!

I want the work to linger in your mind, at least for a little while, and maybe get you curious enough to try my other works.

When writing, I want to create something that intrigues me and which I feel would intrigue me if I were walking through a bookstore looking for something to read.

For my current novel, I have what I consider a terrific start but wasn’t too sure of the middle and ending.

What’s changed is that I’ve now got an ending I’m quite happy with and which eases -and creates!- problems. On the one hand, I now know where it is I’m going to with this book. On the other hand, I have to come up with some juicy stuff to fill the middle of the book. I already have a few things so let’s see how it goes!

More news when it develops!