Lou Dobbs… cancelled

Looks like the first shoe has dropped for the Fox (hardly) News Network.

The Fox “News” Network has for years peddled right wing “news” which was propaganda and, in the last election, several of its opinion hosts talked big about the supposed “fraud” which happened during the election, including saying voting machines by Dominion and Smartmatic were somehow compromised to give Democrats votes.

Welp, Dominion is suing for big bucks against some of the people who made such statements, including Rudy Giuliani and news came that Smartmatic has sued Fox News and several of its hosts for a whopping $2.7 BILLION dollars for defamation. Read all about it in this article presented on CNN and written by Oliver Darcy…

Smartmatic’s 2.7 Billion Lawsuit Against Fox News

Welp, it does appear this lawsuit has Fox “News” feeling more than a little heat because one of the people included in this lawsuit, Lou Dobbs, who has one of the highest rated shows Fox airs, was unceremoniously dumped (the following article is by Matthew Chapman and was presented on Salon.com)…

Fox News made Lou Dobbs its “sacrificial lamb” but will still lose billions in lawsuit, says analyst

Its funny… I recall watching Lou Dobbs when he was on CNN and he seemed, all those years ago, a reasonable enough guy. Mind you, I didn’t follow him religiously or anything, catching him here and there.

Then one day he’s gone over to Fox and I pretty much avoid that network like the plague so I didn’t see him at all, only clips here and there, and realized the guy had gone full Trumpian during the Trump “era” (I can’t tell you how much better my blood pressure’s been ever since he’s been gone… whew).

I mean, I didn’t recognize him. He was into all things Trump, praising him for everything and admonishing and demonizing anyone who had even a moderately contrarian opinion of him.

So it comes as no surprise that he’s been roped into the Smartmatic lawsuit… I’m sure there are plenty of clips of him out there warning about nonexistent problems with those -and all other!- voting machines that dared to declare Trump what he was: A loser.

Anyway, over on huffingtonpost.com a bunch of twitter folks have left their thoughts regarding Lou Dobbs abrupt departure/cancellation:

Twitter critics positively giddy after Fox drops Lou Dobbs Tonight

My favorite has to be this one (beware foul language, oh children):