Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer…

Today, Valentine’s Day, we finally get a full on trailer for the upcoming release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League

If you’ve been living under a rock (which, apparently I have been, which I’ll explain in a moment), after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder got to work on a follow up, Justice League.

However, as he was nearing the end of the film’s creation, his adopted daughter committed suicide and Mr. Snyder left the film to be with family. Joss Whedon came in and while the powers that be at DC claimed Whedon was simply finishing off the film as Zack Snyder wanted it finished, the resulting theatrical release in 2017 clearly showed something that was very different in tone and structure from what Snyder released with BvS.

A determined group of Zack Snyder fans subsequently flooded the airwaves and Warners with pleas they “release the Snyder Cut” of the film and their pleas, as the above trailer shows, resulted in action.

Now, I know there’s plenty of controversy regarding Zack Snyder’s interpretation of DC characters. I happen to be a fan of BvS and make no bones about it, though my admiration is for the extended/director’s cut of the film versus the butchered theatrical cut.

I have yet to see Snyder’s Man of Steel and, truthfully, have only seen one other actual Zack Snyder directed film, his remake of Dawn of the Dead. No, I don’t consider the 2017 theatrical released version of Justice League a proper Zack Snyder film, though I can’t say I hate it, either. It’s just… there. Neither terrible nor terribly great.

Anyway, I’m interested in seeing Snyder’s cut of Justice League. However, I’m not going to lie: The above trailer didn’t do all that much for me.

I didn’t hate it but neither did it grip me like I hoped it would. Further, you can tell its an older work. Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, and the rest of the cast look younger (well, I suppose except for Jaret Leto, who reportedly filmed his scenes new for the movie) and many of the effects presented seem to come from another era, even if that era took place only a few years ago.

Things have a way of moving along, no?

Still, I’m eager to see this new version of the film though, at four hours long, I suspect I’ll see it in two sittings.

Finally, that bit about living under a rock: I totally had no idea about the “we live in a society” line that Leto says at the end of the film.

Reading some of the comments in YouTube under the video, many people said they were laughing out loud at that last line and, doing some investigating, realized I had missed a whole long “we live in a society” meme that’s been associated with the character of the Joker, though the character of Costanza on the Seifeld TV show used it as well…

So yes, dear folks, I had absolutely no clue about the line and its association with the character of the Joker so the humor of it escaped me completely

I’m so very behind the times, he says, as he hangs his head in shame.

Ah well, won’t be long before the movie’s released.

I do hope its a good one.