Yesterday came the excellent news (for once, right?) that the Perseverance rover  had successfully landed on Mars. There were two images almost immediately released, the first one of the surface it landed upon…

The first image captured by NASA's Perseverance rover of the surface of Mars after its successful landing on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021.

And the next one was an incredible look at the rover taken by its jetpack as it was being lowered to the surface of Mars…

This shot from a camera on Perservance's "jetpack" captures the rover in midair, just before its wheels touched down.


Well, the Perseverance rover is down safe and sound and looks like there was no damage to the mechanical device.

What will follow will surely be incredible.

Compared to other rovers that have landed on Mars, this one has some very impressive technology within. We’re going to get HD images for the first time and… sound. Not only that, the rover has a detachable helicopter-like device which will fly around and Mars, also taking what are sure to be incredible images of the planet’s surface.

As if that weren’t enough, the rover will collect samples and check to see if there are indeed any living creatures in the soil.

Want more information on what’s to come? Check out this fascinating article by George Dvorsky and presented on…

Here’s What’s Next for Perseverance Rover’s Journey on Mars

It’s going to be a fascinating next few months and years!

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