Where has the time gone…?

Friday, February 26th.

The last Friday of February and, in a few days, we’re into March.

Third month of the year and one year since the U.S. truly understood COVID-19 was here. Mind you, it was here already.

As I’ve mentioned before, my Father tested positive for COVID anti-bodies and the last time he was sick -and he was quite sick for a little bit of time but thankfully not so sick he needed hospitalization- was last year late January early February.

I’m quite sure he -and quite possibly several other people in our sphere, including myself- caught COVID back then and simply didn’t realize it.

Moving to today, we have reached the point where some 50 million people have gotten vaccines for COVID here in the U.S. Today the FDA is meeting to see if they will approve the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires only one shot.

If its greenlit today, we’ll have three vaccines available in the U.S., Pfizer and Moderna and now the Johnson & Johnson.

Because the J & J vaccine only requires one shot and doesn’t need the extreme cold storage, that could be a big game changer and allow many more people to get their vaccine.

Hopefully we’ll hear the good news a little later today.

Oh, and everyone out there: Have a great weekend! Stay safe!