Guns… guns… guns

Some are noting -ironically- that things are indeed getting back to “normal” in the US vis a vis the pandemic because we’ve now had not one, but two mass shootings/killings, one in Atlanta, Georgia and the other in Colorado.

In both cases, the gunman appears to be a deeply disturbed individual -not surprising at all, given the extreme actions- and both are in custody.

I’ve never understood the allure of guns.

I mean, I’ve fired guns at targets and found it a fun enough activity. I’ve never had any interest in hunting. I may sound damn naive but though I love meat, I’m uncomfortable with how we get it and what we do to livestock. I really wish we’d come up with satisfactory alternative foods!

The point is: I’m far from a gun fan. I truly don’t understand some people’s seeming love for guns and others’ knee-jerk negative reaction to any gun regulation.

We regulate cars. People have to have a license and insurance to have a vehicle and drive it. If a person is found to be improperly using their vehicle, they may get a ticket/fine and in more extreme cases, have their license revoked.

Why can’t something similar be done with guns? And why is it such a touchy topic to even consider this?

Understand: I’m not saying we should remove all guns from all people. To begin with, that’s pretty much an impossibility. Further, if you like guns and have them -even collect them- or are a hunter who provides for their family and practice proper safety and care, there’s absolutely no reason to take your guns away from you.


It’s time -past time, really- to start introducing gun legislation that, at the very least, treats guns not unlike vehicles.

Baby steps and naive thinking, I suppose, but perhaps one day we won’t have to read about these massacres any more.