Fascinating stuff…

Over on CNN.com I found the following article by Oscar Holland which focuses on…

Rare images by one of history’s earliest photographers up for sale

The photographs, taken by early photographer William Henry Fox Talbot, are from… hold on to your hats here… the 1840s!

They were taken in and around England and Scotland and are both outdoor images as well as indoor/portrait pieces.

To me, this is one of the most fascinating presented in the article is this one:

William Henry Fox Talbot photography archive heads to auction - CNN Style

The photograph is, again according to the article, of Nicolaas Henneman sitting next to an unidentified man holding a basket. Henneman was the assistant and valet of Mr. Talbot.

Going through Google, there are plenty of photographs presented there by Mr. Talbot. I imagine they’re of a similar time frame…

William Henry Fox Talbot and the Promise of Photography – Carnegie Museum  of Art

Incredible to think we’re looking at images of people from nearly 200 years ago…!

Anyway, check out the link and/or do a Google search of William Henry Fox Talbot and check out his photographs!