Coronavirus Diaries 32

As bad as news has been about COVID-19 in Brazil and especially India, news in the United States regarding cases and hospitalizations/deaths are looking up.

Nicole Karlis over at writes how…

We’re about to hit an “inflection point” in COVID-19 cases — here’s why

Though we’re not completely out of the woods and there are still dangers lurking around us -particularly regarding variants of the COVID-19 virus- it appears the numbers of people both getting infected and being hospitalized and dying are generally trending downwards.

The “inflection point” is the point where we may have finally gotten control over this virus, where enough people have been vaccinated to the point where we may be seeing the beginnings of the end of the virus and the return to “normalcy”.

There have been a hell of a lot of people vaccinated and unless you’ve been living under a rock -or are a little too enamored of the right wing punditry- the credit for this goes almost entirely to the Biden administration which, going into office, made it a priority to both manufacture and distribute vaccines.

As of today, we’re somewhere around 42.38% of the U.S. population which has been vaccinated and its been noted that we should have on the higher end 80% of people vaccinated to truly decimate/defeat the virus once and for all.

However, simply having this large figure -and vaccines are being administered at a blistering pace (On Saturday, some 4 million shots were administered!)- is damn good news.

I’ve noted before that perhaps we’re starting to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and it all starts with the vaccination process.

I’m glad the United Stated -and especially the Biden administration- has been so on top of this. There’s word they’re going to start shipping vaccines to other countries and, frankly, this is also to be commended. We won’t get this virus under control until a good chunk of the world’s population is indeed vaccinated, and the quicker the better.

Hopefully, that light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter and brighter as the next few weeks and months pass.