Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live…

So, Saturday Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, hosted Saturday Night Live and…

…it seems he did a decent if not extraordinary job.

Elon Musk Was the Worst 'SNL' Host Ever (Commentary)
Elon Musk as Wario on Saturday Night Live… May have to see what the heck this skit was about

Interesting how that happens when you’re not a comedian and/or actor and host the show, eh?

There was a bit of controversy surrounding his hosting because in the past he stated he was against unions (bad), and early on in the pandemic dismissing the seriousness of COVID-19 (also bad), and, of course, there are a few of those idiotic tweets he issued (IMHO overblown but, at times, cringey).

Anyway, some folks had rough words against SNL for having him host and… now that it’s over it all feels so overblown.

Look, those things I noted above do not endear me to Mr. Musk, much as I love my Model 3.

It feels like he should allow his workers to Unionize but he’s not the only CEO who works against that (looking at you, Jeff Bezos). Further to that, he’s not the only person who stated stupid things regarding COVID-19, though this was early on and he hasn’t repeated them -to my knowledge- since. Yes, he pushed to keep his factories open and yes, there was a surge in COVID cases among his workers and that’s very much on him.

However, unlike Mr. Musk -who I’m guessing has reconsidered those early stupid statements, though perhaps I’m giving him more latitude than I should- there currently exists an entire “news” group that devotes their time continuing in efforts to put down the seriousness of this virus despite the overwhelming and abundant evidence of how serious it is… just look at the grim news coming out of India.

Anyway, Musk’s hosting was the topic du jour for one very hot minute and today, Monday, two days later, people are showing highlights and examining which jokes landed and which didn’t

…and it feels like this story about Musk’s hosting of SNL was, in the end, a very minor one that will likely be forgotten before week’s end.

Its interesting, if nothing else, to see how the internet/news establishment “flames on” with what is ultimately a relatively small topic, nonetheless builds it up and, when its been used up, move on to whatever’s next.

Wonder what that will be?