The New 2021 Novel Update #3

Don’t have a ton to update at this moment yet, nonetheless, enough to warrant this post.

Basically I’m still at the novel’s first act, rewriting/revising the material as I’m going along.

What is very fascinating about going over something you’ve written already is that you start adding stuff to it and, often, it proves to be exactly what’s needed and probably should have been there to begin with.

I can’t get into details as that would be SPOILERY and, also, we’re so early into the writing of this book that even if I did state what I’ve come up with, its possible things might change in the later parts of the book and/or in a future draft.

Having said that, I’m very pleased with what I’m doing here.

I just hope I can get it done well before the end of the year and release it!

I’m genuinely excited about what its about and feel it works wonderfully with these bizarre times.

I’ll say no more!