The New Novel Update #4

I’m posting this today because it occurs to me I should present this at this time.

I’m going to be vague about certain things, but bear with me. Eventually, perhaps several months down the road, it will make sense.

I began my new novel, according to my notes, on 9/30/2020.

By 5/12/21 I had the first draft finished and began the second.

These dates are important, at least for me, to remember.


Well… I can’t go into it because doing so would spoil the novel and essentially make it pointless to continue working on it.

As much as I’m enjoying writing this novel, there are forces outside my control which have made me for the very first time I can remember consider giving up on a work after spending so much time (some eight months!!) devoted to it.

However, after giving it a lot of thought this past week, I’ve decided to go ahead and finish it up. I’m roughly 2/3rds or so into the second draft and feel the book is worth continuing despite these reservations.

I’ll explain it all in the book itself, I promise, and I’m sorry for being so vague.

If nothing else, its important for me to set this marker down on this particular date.

Again, my apologies for being so vague!