Yesterday’s Tesla Plaid Event…

I was very curious to watch the Tesla Plaid event yesterday, so-called because it focused on the new Model S (the sedan) Plaid model of the car, which has all kinds of new and interesting details.

Welp, because the event takes place on the West Coast, it started way too late for me and I didn’t see any of it.

However, over on, Rebecca Bellan writes about the event and what happened/what was revealed so, if you’re like me and interested in Tesla’s latest news but couldn’t catch the event, check this article out…

Elon Musk reveals the Tesla Model S Plaid

There were all kinds of rumors that there would be some surprises revealed during the event but it seems like it was indeed all focused on the Model S Plaid and… it sounds pretty impressive!

However, this is a very pricey car. If you want it, it’s yours for a mere $129,990.

I kid, I kid… this is pretty damn pricey for a vehicle!

Having said that, the car does feature some very impressive features, from its super quick speed to its pretty impressive range and super-incredible drag coefficent.

Having said all that…

Again, I don’t see myself getting this car.

The speed features, frankly, don’t matter much to me. While it is impressive the car can go as quickly as it can, the reality is that when you’re out on the road driving, you pretty much never need that much speed.

And if you do use that kind of speed on public roads, I don’t want to be anywhere near you.

Regardless, impressive stuff for a car company that “only” started back in July of 2003… making the company a whole 18 years old.

I know there are many out there that really hate/dislike Elon Musk and, frankly, there are good -and some lame- reasons to dislike him. Mainly, I don’t like the fact that he’s against unions and has, like too many superwealthy, apparently not paid much if any taxes.

The tweeting stuff doesn’t bother me as much… everyone seems to tweet stupidities now and again and I don’t want to base an entire person based on a silly one sentence -or many such one sentences- they show off on twitter.

On the other hand, one has to be impressed with his not only having a car company that has so far succeeded -how many others have tried something similar and failed?- but also that his company has essentially changed the car paradigm and even the large auto companies now realize EVs are the way to go… eventually.

Plus, as an owner of a Model 3, I can say: the car kicks ass! 😉

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