Ever had a song stuck in your head and…






of it?

Been fighting a new one of late and its really strange the way these certain songs bounce around one’s head.

But first, a trip down memory lane…

A while back The Beatles White Album was released and I must have listened to it a little too much because suddenly this song -of all the ones available!- played over and over in my head…

Don’t get me wrong: I think its a great song but there were so many other great(er) songs that could have gotten stuck in my head!

Then, a little later…

I love the song, another of Stevie Nicks’ absolute terrific songs done with Fleetwood Mac, yet for a while there I was going absolutely crazy with this song rolling around and around my head.

Finally, and it seems like it may be lifting, I had this song rolling around my head…

Ok, this one’s all my own damn fault as I’ve been listening to the album, The Sound of White Noise, its featured on.

There are a few thrash/metal bands to come out of the 1980’s that to this day I really love and Anthrax is one of them. Their first vocalist and album featured Neil Turbin, but he was replaced Joey Belladona from 1984 to 1992 and the albums they made at that time are rightfully considered absolute classics of the thrash/metal genre.

However, the dreaded “creative differences” caused the band to fire Belladona and in 1992 to 2005 John Bush was the vocalist. Their first album they made together and which features the above song is indeed The Sound of White Noise. Its a terrific album IMHO though truthfully Invisible isn’t IMHO one of the best songs on that album!

It’s a weird thing getting these ear worms because the song that plays over and over into your head isn’t necessarily a song you consider a great one (the exception of the three I mentioned is Gypsy).

As I said, though, the song is starting to leave my cranium.

How do I do it?

Whenever an ear worm song starts up in my head, I think of another song and “play” it in my head to get rid of it.

In this case, believe it or not, I played Gypsy and that did the trick.

I know, I know: Aren’t you afraid that song will once again become an ear worm?

I can’t say this for everyone but I can for myself: The weird thing about getting an ear worm for me is that once the song plays itself out in my head, I tend not to get it again.

So, yeah, using Gypsy to kill off Invisible did the trick!