Hurricane Ida…

Really hard to look at the news and the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, which slammed into the Louisiana coast yesterday.

CNN has a block of news devoted to updates regarding the storm:

Hurricane Ida Live Updates

Each year that passes and I remain living in a hurricane prone area, I scratch my head and wonder why I do so.

To those who don’t live in such areas, you just don’t know the “joy” of living the summer months watching updates on the tropics and possible systems that develop there.

August in particular is one of the worst months, though September isn’t all that far behind, where one watches and worries about what might happen.

I’ve lived through too many near misses and at least a handful of “direct” hits, including Katrina which passed over our area as a Category 1 Hurricane before exiting into the Gulf of Mexico where it rapidly gained strength and eventually -and devastatingly- hit roughly the same area Ida has now hit.

To say the least, I feel for the people there and extend my sympathy and fervent hope for better days to come.