The New 2021 Novel Update #11

It is shocking to come back here and realize my last post was from November 16, some two plus weeks ago…!

Sorry for the delay in getting back here!

I’ve been crushingly busy, what with issues regarding my parents’ estate (which will drag on into the new year), their business (which is very busy at this point), and the topic at hand: My new 2021 novel.

Last time I did an update about the novel was October 25 (you can read it here). One of the things I pointed out in that post, which I wrote when I finished up the 4rd Draft of the novel, was this:

 I doubt the novel will be good enough to publish when I’m done with this 4th draft, but it wouldn’t shock me if it winds up being one of the last drafts needed. At this point, I’m guesstimating the novel will require at least two, if not three, more drafts and before its done.

Not much has changed from what I wrote above. As of today, I’m halfway through the 5th Draft of the novel, ie the readthrough and the red-marker revision phase. I have to now take all the revisions/corrections I’ve made on paper and transfer them into my latest computer file and, once that’s done -and this will take a little while, there are plenty of revisions I’ve made!- I print the whole thing out and start all over again.

Having said that, its really difficult to express how happy I am at the moment.

Yes, there are a lot of revisions that need to be placed into the Word file but after going over this revision, I’m ecstatic with where the story is at this moment.

It feels like I’ve set all the major elements/characters/situations in their proper place (for the most part) and I’ve created a rather unique, scary, and hopefully entertaining novel which should surprise and delight readers…

…at least that’s what I hope!

Alas, we’re already into early December and while I may be able to put all those revisions into the computer (it’s certainly possible) before the end of the year, December historically tends to be one of those months where things get really complicated for me and I’d say the odds of me getting the revisions in before the New Year are 50/50.

Which means regardless of whether or not I get the revisions in, the novel will be done in 2022 and, hopefully, early in the year. If that’s the case, it should be released by no later than the middle of -or earlier- of next year.

Trust me, I’m as excited to get this out as I’m certain others are getting it but, like all my novels, I don’t release something until I feel it is ready to be released.

With this latest revision, we’re almost there!