Is it just me…?

I swear, it seems like the days are not just rushing by, but literally rocketing before my eyes.

We’re already three months into 2023 and I can barely remember 2022 at this point.

Anyway, as I pointed out a little before, I’m currently working on two things: A (gasp) graphic novel I’m working on with a wonderful penciller and my latest novel.

I’ve written before that the novel is moving along but I do still have to figure out the novel’s ending. I’m not quite there yet but when I do crack that particular nut -and I’m sure I will eventually- everything should fall into place.

As for the graphic novel, if all works as I hope, this will be the second graphic novel I’ve ever done… in collaboration with a wonderful artist, of course. My first is The Dark Fringe, which was the very first attempt at creating a full story…

I am loathe to get into too many details of this new graphic novel simply because we’re in the very early stages of this work and I’d rather start making formal announcements when the work is near release. I will say this much: The script is complete and if all works out, the book itself will be approximately 170 pages long. It will likely be released in three volumes at first before being collected into a single volume.

So far it looks terrific and I couldn’t be happier with the work of my friend who is drawing it.

Again, I’m being a bit cryptic here but revelations will be made when the time comes.

Until then, stay tuned!