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40 Best Science Fiction TV Shows of All Time…

…At least according to Rolling Stone.  The full list is here:

40 Best Science Fiction TV Shows of All TIme

One can always quibble with lists like this one.  For example Space 1999, and Stargate SG1 are given higher positions on this list compared to Aeon Flux, which barely lands on the list at #39.

Now, I don’t have anything against these three shows.  Space 1999 had some absolutely stellar effects and it was so much fun to see the then wed couple of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain together after Mission: Impossible.  But let’s face it, the stories weren’t all that great.  Some were, like the show’s concept of the Moon being ripped from Earth orbit and wandering space (and quickly finding aliens and adventure), rather laughable.  HOWEVER, if I were making a list of best TV show music themes (whether sci-fi or not), then Space 1999 is right there close to the top…

Also, when you get to the top 5, it seems to me The Prisoner should be higher.  I have no qualms with (SPOILER ALERT!) Star Trek and Twilight Zone taking up #1 and 2 respectively.  I have no problem also with Dr. Who being at #4.  And Battlestar Galactica, the new version, most certainly is a great show, though it was marred by a bad last season/conclusion.  I would switch Battlestar Galactica from #3 and move it to #5 and raise The Prisoner up to #3.

Thus, my top 3 personal all time favorite sci-fi TV shows would be Star Trek, Twilight Zone, and The Prisoner.  In that order.  I guess two out of three ain’t bad?!

The second big topic will be: What is missing from this list?

Where’s Person of Interest?  Or the delightful and wild Farscape?!  How about the “wow, this series is actually damn good” Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?  Then there’s the weird and wild UFO, to my mind a better series by the same people behind Space 1999.

UFO, which as you can see from its intro theme, featured a Moon Base, was reportedly the inspiration for Space 1999.  And if you’re willing to put it in the sci-fi category, I’d also add the wonderful Wild, Wild West.  The show was basically James Bond in the Wild West and it was a freaking blast (To keep sane, forget a Will Smith movie version was ever made).  It too had a great theme…

So there’s at least five shows I’d add to the list.  But to add them to the list I’d have to remove some others.  There are a few shows listed in the Rolling Stone article I’m not familiar with/haven’t seen any episodes of so sticking with those I have seen, there are three for sure that wouldn’t make my list.

First up would be the original V.  While I liked the mini-series, afterwards and when it went to full seasons V lost it pretty quickly.  Two others I wouldn’t include are Dollhouse and Quantum Leap.  I understand what some loved about Quantum Leap, but the show never appealed to me.  On the other hand, I can’t understand the love for Dollhouse.  The early episodes of the series suggested creator/cult figure Joss Whedon was completely winging it.  The show was erratic and made very little sense and then, when the ratings faltered, it got “serious” and presented a conclusion.  Like the series itself, the conclusion was…weird.  Didn’t really care for it.

So there you have it for what its worth.  Your mileage, as they say, may vary!