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Basic skills on the verge of extinction

Fascinating (though far too short) article from io9 regarding the above, basic skills which may be on the verge of becoming extinct:


I’ve mentioned it before but I’m fascinated by the era we currently live in.  Since the advent of the personal computer and the rapid technological advancement of the same, things have changed considerably in our society.

For example, my shopping habits have radically changed (I know this is not really a “skill”, but bear with me).  I used to go out at least once a week to either a bookstore, music store, or electronics store to check out the latest novels, magazines, music, or movies available.

The advent of the internet and the ability to transmit information has made going to a store, for better or worse, to look for the above material almost completely obsolete.  A few weeks back my wife and I went out to a mall that happens to have the only Barnes and Nobles I’m aware of within thirty to forty miles of our home.  While in the story, I found the following book for sale:

I love a good mystery, and locked room mysteries, in particular, can be fun reading.  The book was as promised, quite big, and priced at $25.  Not all that bad, I thought.  But I checked to see if the book was available at Amazon and for the Kindle and, lo and behold, it was and for a much cheaper price.

Needless to say, I didn’t buy the physical book.  Why bother?  I get the same thing for less money and don’t clutter up my house any more than it already is!

Computers have not only changed my shopping patterns, but I see their influences spreading to other areas, the most fascinating of which, to me, is the potential for self-driving vehicles.  I know there’s still much to be done regarding seeing them actually appear, but I would put money on the fact that in the near future, perhaps with the current newborn generation, they will reach driving age and may not have to worry about ever learning to do so.

How weird would that be?