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The Joys of AC

If you’ve been following the hilarious/high-cost events of my life these past days, you know that 1) I had to replace the entire east side water exit line because the cast iron pipes had corroded to the point where they were plugged up and 2) My central AC unit died.

Both things have cost me dearly -from a money standpoint!- and the bloodletting isn’t quite done. My east side yard is turned over dirt and rocks and will need to get a new layer of sod. The AC unit was finally replaced yesterday and not a moment too soon. The heat my family and I faced for the past two days and nights (really three with Friday, but at least that night there was still some residual cool air in the house) were bordering on unbearable.

Yeah, I know. First world problems and all.

Monday was really rough, having the AC folks there and seeing them slowly …sloooooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyy… take the old unit out and then put the new one in… It was so hot and I was so damn sweaty and at several points I was ready to jump out of my chair and tell them I’d help in any way possible to get this done quickly.

By around 4 P.M. they were finally done, though there was a moment of high tension when the main AC guy connected the wiring and my thermostat was reading that something wasn’t connected right. For five terror filled minutes I wondered if the new unit was somehow defective but, thank the Gods, it seemed all that happened was a couple of the wires he connected didn’t quite… connect.

When the AC started, I stood under one of the vents, hoping for a freezing blast. It didn’t come, not right away, but within a few minutes the blazing hot/humid air blowing out of the unit became colder and colder and, I knew, things were going to be OK.

I slept like the proverbial log last night and still feel exhausted today.

Now, to get the yard and that bathroom (the one part of the house that also had to get the exit line redone) fixed and the financial bloodletting will be done.

P.S.: Thanks to everyone out there buying and/or reading via Kindle Unlimited my Corrosive Knights novels. Ever since releasing the seventh and concluding novel in this series (though I can say with confidence there’s more stories to tell set in this wild universe!), I’ve been delighted by the steady stream of readers and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much for making these last few months so damn enjoyable!

It almost makes up for the past week and a half! 😉