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A quick recommendation…

Are you watching this show?

Have to say, when I first heard about the show (I never bought the comic books it is based -loosely, I understand- on) I wasn’t all that interested.

Over time I caught an episode here and there of the first season and soon enough, I was hooked.

For a show that deals with the devil quitting his job of running hell and walking the earth (quite literally), and then goes into the all too-cliched direction of his becoming an odd-ball partner with a police officer and solving crimes (essentially a supernatural version of Castle!), Lucifer winds up nonetheless being an absolute hoot.

The show benefits from the fact that despite the potentially “heavy” and “horror” possibilities, it zigs when it could have zagged and has an incredible sense of humor about itself.  The stars of the show, pretty much all of them, shine and come together as quite the ensemble.

When the second season began this past Monday, I told my wife she needed to see it.  She figured a show about Satan on Earth had to be some kind of grim horror show but I told her she’d be surprised.

She was.  Pleasantly so.

If you’re looking for something worth killing time on, you’d do far worse than check out Lucifer.