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Add another one to the list…

Let’s be blunt: 2016 has been a brutal year for deaths.

From big celebrities to small, it seems not a day passes (ouch) without some new name added to this blackest of lists.

Add one more: Jim Delligatti.


You say you don’t know who Mr. Delligatti is?

Here’s a hint:

And here’s a second hint:

Mr. Delligatti, for those who don’t know the name (like me, until I read the below article) was the creator of what is arguably McDonald’s best known menu item: The Big Mac.

Mr. Delligatti created the famous item back in 1967 and it became a part of all the McDonald menus in 1968.  He passed away yesterday at the age of 98 and if you want to read a little more about the man and his creation, here you go:

Big Mac Creator Jim Delligatti Dies at 98

McDonald’s is back!

It didn’t seem all that long ago that people were talking about how badly the fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s was doing.  In fact, I recall people were even noting the chain may be starting to slip away, eclipsed by newer, better hamburger chains.

Looks like things have turned around:

McDonald’s Sales Soar Thanks To All Day Breakfast

I don’t know if one can completely point to the All-Day Breakfast as being the turning point in McDonald’s fortunes (in the article, the CEO of McDonald’s notes it was this and the mild weather across the country that helped), but it is intriguing that a company not all that long ago considered spiraling downhill and potentially being labeled a has-been suddenly finds its fortunes so changed.

Me?  I try to avoid McDonald’s and most other chain restaurants as much as possible.  To me, these foods are at best passable and at worst terrible.

However, let’s call a spade a spade: There have been plenty of times I’ve found myself hungry and need to grab something quick and cheap and am unwilling/unable to do some cooking.  In those occasions, it sure is nice to have a places like this one available.