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The type of thing that can give you nightmares…

Found this article on CNN.com and written by Jack Guy:

Woman dies as food poisoning in Michelin-starred restaurant hits 29 diners

The restaurant in question, Riff located in Valencia, Spain, has one Michelin star and, obviously, is considered a prestigious restaurant.

And yet, as the article notes, between February 13 and 16 something was served to patrons which caused them to get very sick. One of the patrons, a woman who leaves behind a husband and 12 year old son who also experienced illness from their meal at the restaurant, passed away early Sunday morning.


This is obviously a very sad and tragic situation, especially for the woman and her family. It also provides a sober reality check. Even if you go to a restaurant with a very high/prestigious reputation, bad things can -and in this case did- happen.

But it goes even beyond that. We buy food at our local grocery and expect the food we pick up is “safe” just as we do whenever we get food at a restaurant, be it prestigious or a “fast food”-type joint.

But as this article shows, things can go wrong. I have absolutely no doubt the staff of Riff had no idea they were serving bad food, just as I’m certain whoever sold them the food didn’t think it was bad, either.

There is no moral here, no point other than bad things can happen. It’s a scary thing to realize.