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Yesterday’s Tesla Cybertruck Unveil…

If you’re at all interested in this sort of stuff like I am (even though I have no interest now nor likely in the future of getting myself a pickup truck), then you likely caught either live or early this morning clips from the Tesla Cybertruck unveil.

I suppose the one big thing people will talk about is this…

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Whether you like, hate, or are indifferent to the truck, you notice the two broken windows?

Yeah, Elon Musk made a point of how the truck’s windows were these super strong reinforced windows and showed, using dropped metal balls on a “typical” pickup truck window versus his truck’s window how they didn’t shatter.

Then, after showing the window strength on these sample windows, he had the metal ball thrown against the Cybertruck’s window and… well… they cracked. Both of ’em.

Why? More importantly, how?

I mean, Musk and his engineers must have tried this trick many times before coming out here for this demonstration right? And the windows, in those occasions, must have held together, right?

I think I know what went wrong, though obviously this is pure speculation on my part: Before throwing the metal balls at the truck’s window, Musk showed the strength of the truck’s body. Using a sledgehammer, the truck’s front and back doors -the same doors which have those ultimately shattered windows- were slammed with that sledgehammer and, lo and behold, no marks were left.

Truly astonishing stuff!

However, I suspect slamming the sledgehammer into those doors weakened the truck’s windows and perhaps caused them to develop small cracks. Thus, when it came time to throw the metal ball, hilarity (and embarrassment) occurred.


All right, but that’s the way it goes. You come up to the plate, there are times you’re going to strike out. In that portion of last night’s event, it was a definite strikeout.

What of the Cybertruck itself? How does it look? How much does it cost and what do you get for your money?

I found this video posted on YouTube and presented by The Verge which offers a good encapsulation of the night’s event, including the narrator’s impressions of the truck following taking a ride in it…

The video is, IMHO, quite neutral in its presentation, offering the pluses and minuses of this brief glimpse of the Tesla Cybertruck.

On the plus side, the price and features this truck will have, especially in its premium model, are insane. 500 mile range? Whoa…!

But here’s the thing: How does one react to how the truck looks?

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I’m ok with it, to be honest. I don’t love it, but I certainly don’t hate it. I suspect, however, this is going to be the biggest issue with potential consumers. There are going to be those -and they’re many!- who aren’t going to like the look of this car and will refuse to purchase it on that basis.

There are already plenty of snarky comments online about the truck’s looks, some joking it looks like a PS1 rendering of a truck.

They’re not wrong!

Musk’s vehicles, if nothing else, sure do go toward the clean, minimalistic look, and the Cybertruck is certainly on course.

However, and as I said, while I don’t love it I also don’t hate it.

In fact, the more I look at it, the more its kinda growing on me.

Mind you, I’m still not interested in getting it. In my life and ever since starting to drive in 1981/2, I’ve never had a pickup truck nor the desire to own one.

That hasn’t changed, even if I sure was curious to see what Musk and Tesla had up their sleeve here.


Ok, perhaps my Tesla fanboy nature is showing, but I’ll be damned if the more I see pictures of this Cybertruck the more I… like it.

It’s so damn different from everything out there that perhaps its natural one would initially have a negative impression, but the more I see photos like this one…

…the more I like it.

Understand, though, I have no need/interest in getting a pickup truck but if I did, suddenly the idea of getting something that looks like this isn’t quite so hard to swallow.

As they say, your mileage, of course, man/will vary!