The real Black Dahlia

Count me among the many who is fascinated with crime in the city of Angels, circa 1920-60.  Why that particular time frame?  I suppose much of the interest arises from the works of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.  Then there’s the wonderful era of the film noir crime movies, many of which were set in the Hollywood area.

But in terms of “real  life” crime drama, none are as paradoxically repellent and fascinating as the case of Elizabeth Short, a 23 year old woman whose mutilated body was found in a park back in 1947.  The case, whom the papers dubbed “The Black Dahlia” murder, was never solved.

The article linked to below is from and focuses on Joan Renner.  She has an exhibit featuring historic crime in the L.A. area, including, of course, the notorious Black Dahlia case.  For those interested, its a good read: