2012 Summer Movie Madness!

Haven’t been as frequently to the theaters as I used to be (or want to be!), but looking over this list of upcoming 2012 summer movie releases, this is what I thought:

Firstly, there are a lot of films being released, many of which I may be interested in…and many I either don’t know enough about or don’t really care to see (nothing new here!).

There are five I’m borderline interested in (ie I will give them a look, but most likely when they’re eventually released to video):  The Avengers, Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (provided the film is a comedy…the trailer seemed a little too serious given the outrageous title/concept), The Bourne Legacy (a Bourne film without Matt Damon and with Jeremy Renner?  Might it work?), Total Recall (despite all the booing and hissing from people who feel it sacrilege to remake director Paul Verhoeven’s original film, I thought that film was, at best, only OK, certainly not on the level of his much better Robocop.  The trailer to the remake has me intrigued, though I’m not a huge fan of director Len Wiseman), and, finally, The Expendables 2.

There are only a couple of films, at least so far, I know I will make a great deal of effort to see when they are eventually released:  Prometheus, far and away, has me the most intrigued, though I worry some of the movie’s trailers have given away a little too much plot.  Regardless, like many others, I’m seriously interested in seeing director Ridley Scott’s return not only to science fiction, but also to the alien “universe”.

The other film I will try hard to see is The Dark Knight Rises, the concluding film in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  While Mr. Nolan’s works may not always completely knock me out, he’s clearly a man who puts a great deal of effort into each of his works and it shows.  I hope this one is on the level of the others.

Finally, the movie I’m finding it most difficult to build any big excitement about:  The Amazing Spider-Man.  A reboot of the Spider-Man franchise?  The last film in the previous Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man 3, was released in 2007.  A mere five years ago.  Do we really need another re-boot?  Based on the trailers released so far, I’m not very impressed by what I’ve seen.  It looks a lot like the previous Spider-Man films, only with younger actors.

We’ll see.