Corrosive Knights update

Been a while since I’ve written about, well, my writing, so here goes:

As of yesterday, Valentine’s Day, I finished the first full draft of book #5 of my Corrosive Knights series.  This book follows Mechanic, The Last Flight of the Argus, Chameleon, and Nox, all available through (Click here for the Amazon link)

Corrosive MACN

The latest book in the series is, effectively, the conclusion to the first major Corrosive Knights story line.

That’s not to say, however, that the upcoming book represents the last of the Corrosive Knights series.

Like all books I write, this one involved many many hours of very hard work and, given I’m “only” at the end of first draft stage, there’s still plenty of hard work to come.  To give you an idea of how much more I’ve got to do, I’m usually comfortable enough with my books to release them after doing at least five full revisions/drafts.  In the case of the upcoming book (note that I’m keeping the title to myself at the moment), I suspect it too will take roughly that amount of full revisions.

Still, the biggest hurdle is getting that first full draft done.  It represents a “complete” road map of the story I’m trying to tell.  In turn, the second full draft, which I began working on today, represents the second biggest step forward in getting the novel out there.  My focus on the second draft is to get all major and minor plot points clarified and/or “punched up” for maximum impact.  Subsequent book drafts (ie 3 through 5) tend to focus more on smoothing whatever verbal imperfections or grammatical errors I can find and, therefore, tend to be completed quicker.

I’ll be working very hard for the next few months on this, the latest book in the Corrosive Knights series.  I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and I think those who have read the first four books in the series will get a huge kick out of this, the fifth one.

I’ll be moving very fast -but not recklessly fast- on these revisions.

Trust me, I can’t wait to get this book out there.