6 Huge Movie Plot Twists That Caused Even Bigger Plot Holes

Been a while since I’ve posted a link to the very entertaining Cracked.com.  This particular article, concerning the above, was particularly interesting to me:


Of the ones listed, the most intriguing to me is Skyfall, the latest James Bond film.  Even when the movie first came out, I noted that it was a feature one could simultaneously love and hate.  The love part related to the spectacle and icy cool smooth execution of the film.  To me, the film was nothing if not entertaining…as long as you kept your mind on neutral.


If you take your mind out of neutral for even a few seconds, you can’t help but realize that the plot of the film is incredibly…silly.  James Bond, in retrospect, is for the most part a spectator in the whole affair.  Events happen around him and, as the plot is further revealed, he is revealed to be more of a pawn than an active player.  But even worse that that, by the end of the film the villain accomplishes everything he wanted.


Javier Bardem’s Silva’s, we find by the end of the film, has two goals:  To rub M’s nose in her failures before, ultimately, simultaneously kill her and get himself killed.  Guess what?  He accomplishes his goals by the end of the film, even with James Bond’s fighting him all along the way!

Getting back to the “plot holes”, the whole villain-getting-caught-on-purpose part was especially difficult to swallow and for the reasons outlined in the Cracked article.  Seriously…he needed to be caught to release the computer virus (earlier in the film he accomplished this without needing that second step) to subsequently escape so he could attack M at the conference she was scheduled to attend anyway?  She was already humiliated by Silva, why not lay low and skip the whole “getting caught on purpose” bit and just attack her at the conference?

Ah well.