Punishing players for…swearing?!

Fascinating article from Slate.com regarding the XBox One’s NBA 2K14 game, and the fact that swearing by the (human) player while playing the game may result in penalties within the game itself!


I first heard about this with regard to the XBox One game Dead Rising 3.  It uses the system’s voice/sound recognition in a curious way: If you make noises within your living room, the on-screen zombies you are fighting against will hear you…and therefore know where you are and attack!!!

Anyway, here’s the video related to the NBA 2K14 gameplay (careful if you’re seeing this at work as there is some harsh language!):

The comment by Zanya connected with the article summed up my feelings about this interesting/alarming new element to these video games:

This is sad, terrifying, and hilarious all at the same time.