Small Town Noir

I was looking at one of my favorite websites, Slate magazine, and found this article by Rebecca Onion regarding five of her favorite websites of 2013.  Check them out:

I point out the link because within it is a great websites called “Small Town Noir”, which features mug shots and history of people arrested in New Castle, Pennsylvania between “1930 and 1960” (this description isn’t entirely accurate as I’ve found some mugshots from the 1970’s).

The thing that makes this website so fascinating is that not only do you get a mugshot of various criminals and a description of their crime(s).  The website’s administrators have been able to get a decent history of many of the individuals both before, during, and after their crimes, in some cases all the way up to their passing.  I’ve always been fascinated with these sort of things, to see if someone who did something bad at one time long ago might have “cleaned” themselves up and led a better life.  And if not, what happened to them?

Check it out, it is really fascinating: