Best Video Games of 2013…

…at least according to Luke Winkie for

Of the nine games listed, I’ve played exactly…three of them.  One third.

Dead Rising 3 is a fun and seriously goofy game.  As mentioned in the review, the idea of riding a steamroller over a hoard of zombies is both outrageous and hilarious.  The game also feels like something between an old style video game and a full on story.  I haven’t reached the end of it yet, but I agree it is a pretty fun ride…at least so far.

BioShock Infinite is a gorgeous looking game that I found pretty fun to play with but which also got rather repetitious.  As for the ending, that was easily the best thing about it.  Having said that, as interesting as the ending revelations were, they didn’t blown me away quite as much as this reviewer.  In some respects the looping ending invalidated the game itself, creating an almost “it was all a dream” type resolution.  I certainly give the creative team points for going for such a bold story line but I can’t help but be stuck on the fact that the game itself got rather repetitious as it went along.  I liked it, but didn’t “love” it.

One might be tempted to compare The Last of Us with the far more goofy Dead Rising 3 to see the alpha and omega of zombie games.  Both deal with people trying to survive through a zombie type apocalypse, but while DR3 has its tongue in cheek, The Last of Us plays its story out very seriously.  At times, devastatingly so.  There are characters within the game you grow to like quite a bit.  There are some that are lost along the way and the emotional impact is certainly there.  The ending is also an interesting one and it made me wonder if the choices being made were appropriate…or a mistake by the lead character.  All in all, I would have to rank this game, at least among those I played (and bearing in mind I am hardly a game “freak” who has had the opportunity to sample everything released this year) among the best of the year.  Haunting, profoundly touching, and at times very exciting.  A downbeat game for sure, but an enjoyable experience.