So… Bernie Sanders…?

Beware… Politics be here!

Nevada had their caucus and Bernie Sanders pretty much stole the show.

There are those who are ready to pronounce Sanders the official Democratic candidate for the Presidency and, based on how he’s doing so far, this isn’t a terribly out there position to take.

There are pundits who are absolutely out of their minds with regard to this possibility, many of whom are on the supposedly “liberal” MSNBC network, including Hardball’s Chris Matthews, who made a dreadful analogy between Sanders winning and the Nazi’s running over France.


There are many analysts who look at the possibility of Sanders winning the nomination all but assuring us of another four years of Donald Trump.

To which I say: Weren’t many of these same analysts absolutely certain that Trump would not only not get nominated for the Republicans, but would never beat Hillary Clinton?

Which is to say -and using screenwriter William Goldman’s most famous line- Nobody knows nothing.

It seemed absolutely certain to every analyst that the lowly Miami Dolphins, in the final game of the regular NFL season, would go into the Patriot’s hometown and the Patriots, who desperately needed a win to assure themselves of home field advantage in the playoffs, would easily wipe the Dolphins off the map.

And the Dolphins won.

Can Bernie Sanders, if he should get the nomination (not a guarantee yet!), win against Donald Trump?

I’ll say this much: One thing I see that he very much has going for him is enthusiasm. I don’t see crowds as enthusiastic appearing for the likes of Biden or Mayor Pete, Warren or Klobuchar. For that matter, even Bloomberg with all his many billions of advertising doesn’t seem to grip people, but instead is offered as a “moderate” alternative to the more left leaning Sanders.

So if Sanders can attract people with his message and get them to the polls (I don’t know if the numbers bear out that he’s bringing in new blood), and there is certainly a high level of interest in getting rid of Trump, then why couldn’t a Bernie Sanders knock Trump out?

All this, of course, is raw speculation and, as I said above, Sanders hasn’t yet gotten the nomination.

Perhaps he does.

Then let’s see what happens.

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