So… Joe Biden…?

Politics… BEWARE…!

A few days back Bernie Sanders did incredibly well in the primaries, specifically scoring a decisive win in Nevada and looking for all to see like he’s got a near lock on the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

With the so-called “Super Tuesday” on its way -and which happened yesterday- I wrote the following on February 24th (you can read the whole thing here):

There are those who are ready to pronounce Sanders the official Democratic candidate for the Presidency and, based on how he’s doing so far, this isn’t a terribly out there position to take.

Welp, looks like good ‘ol Joe Biden proved, following Super Tuesday yesterday, that he’s far from done and over.

In fact, one could say that Super Tuesday was essentially Joe Biden’s coming out party and at this point he has the larger number of delegates, though to be fair we still don’t know the ultimate results of California.

Regardless, Joe Biden did extremely well. Was it a result of several other more “moderate” candidates dropping out? Was it the result of people fearful of Sanders’ campaign?

Hell if I know.

The pundits have been flummoxed, it seems, since Trump’s run and eventual win to figure out the mood of the country and who will eventually be the Democratic candidate for the Presidency.

Regardless of who it is, I suspect there is a damn good chance whoever it is will win against Trump.


Because 1) He barely won to begin with and 2) unlike 2016, the Democratic base is not just energized to kick him out, they seem to be super-energized.

That’s not to say the Republican base and those who want more of Trump won’t show up, either.

It’s just that if the margins stay roughly as they were, which seems possible given Trump hasn’t done much to expand his base, we’re going to get roughly the same amount of Republican votes and perhaps a more enthusiastic Democratic vote, which could (that being the key word) work against him.

As with so many things, we’ll see.

After all, it seemed like just yesterday Bernie Sanders was a lock to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee…

Oh, wait.

It was just yesterday.

Regardless, I believe we now have a two person field: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

We’ve still got several states to go.

Who will come out on top?