The 2020 Election…



As of yesterday, with the news that Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President, means that we now have all the actors in place and can officially begin the 2020 Elections.

I know, I know, it began a while ago when Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination, but now that we have his VP, we’re stepping into the next and last phase.

To come: Debates and countless commercials along with many, many phone calls from either the Democratic or Republican parties or any third party interested in swaying your vote. Oh, and mailers.

Lots of propaganda mailers.

What will be missing?

Seems like we’re not going to have many campaign stops/speeches. Given the COVID-19 situation, even “President” Trump, with his constant attempts to downplay the virus or outright ignore it, isn’t making all those appearances as before.

Since the pandemic began, I don’t believe Joe Biden has made a single appearance anywhere, other than with few people (reporters, usually) or perhaps Zoom-type over the internet meetings.

Will this be the election where we see much more of that?

Also, what will happen with the debates?

They’ll be interesting because from what I understand there will be no audience present during the debates.

My instinct is that this will hurt Trump more than Biden. Trump feeds off the crazy, and sometimes his most head-scratching/stupid lines are buried with cheers from his fans.

In this case, he’ll have to lay out his ideas (I could make a joke here, but, seriously, does he have any actual ideas other than cozying up to Putin?!) and do so in a clear, logical (HA!) way without anyone whooping it up around him.

Then, after doing so, he’ll face Biden’s ideas/retorts and… I dunno. It just doesn’t seem like it’ll be good for Trump.

Similarly, I wonder how VP Pence will fare against Ms. Harris.

She can be downright wicked when confronting others…

I’ll grant you here and now: I very much hope that Biden/Harris not only beat Trump/Pence but that the election is so lopsided that not only is there no doubt they won, but that the Democratic Party also regain control over the very dysfunctional Senate.

Yeah, I know there are those who feel the Biden/Harris ticket isn’t “liberal enough”, and that we’re seeing more centrism ala Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

I don’t think so.

Still, it will be an interesting few months before November and the election.