Coronavirus Diaries 21

First, sorry for the dearth of posts.

I enjoy writing these posts but sometimes, very honestly, it seems like there’s little to say.

In fact, that was what I was thinking about today specifically: What’s there to talk about?

I mean, I could go into politics what with the Democratic convention (virtual) going on. I’ve watched a little bit of it here and there but at this point its not really worth my while: I know whom I’m going to vote for (big surprise, if you’ve followed these posts) and there’s nothing that’s going to change my mind about that.

There are -shockingly!- sporting events going on, basketball, baseball, and hockey, but I’ve pretty much avoided all of them and from what I’m reading so too have most people. The ratings are very low.

There’s very little news regarding movies as well, given that most studios have paused productions and only now are starting certain productions up. On TV, we’re seeing much of the same, with new shows paused while other shows are trying to reinvent themselves in this current self-isolating situation we’re in.

For example, Guy Fieri over on the Food Network is doing a “at home” version of -I believe- Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives which has him at home talking to some five restaurant owners who have sent him packages of their latest/popular items and Fieri and his sons (nepotism is cool!) cook the food up as instructed and then try it out and guests fawn over their hosts and vice versa.

I know I sound pretty cynical in the later half of that paragraph but I have to give Fieri some credit in trying to help out restaurants and their owners by having these types of shows. While it isn’t advisable to go to a restaurant and eat in, most restaurants are open for take out food at the least, and keeping them in business is obviously helpful to the local economy.

I’ve noted articles regarding movie theaters that may re-open with films that are ready to go/be released, including the Christopher Nolan directed Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, the supposed last Daniel Craig Bond film No Time To Die, and other somewhat smaller films like The New Mutants.

Unfortunately, I also read a report -sorry, not sure where it was from- where it was being recommended you not go to theaters yet, regardless of how they deal with spacing. The fact of the matter is that being in an enclosed area with a bunch of strangers is not a good idea, especially if you’re there for some two hours and even if you are masked up.

The air within the closed up theater simply increases the odds of transmission of Covid-19, regardless of social distancing and using masks, etc.

Eager as I am to watch some of these films, I’m not willing to risk myself to go to a theater to see them.

In the time since the first shutdown toward the end of March, I’ve gone to and eaten in a restaurant exactly one time several weeks ago (perhaps even over a month and a half ago) and that was because my family was celebrating some birthdays and at that time they were allowing restaurants to reopen but with plenty of distancing. Since then the rules have changed and the only seats/tables available at local restaurants are outside in the open air.

Still, I wasn’t happy to go inside to eat, I have to admit. I felt paranoid sitting there and looking over not only my extended family -and wondering where they’d been- but also the few other patrons in the restaurant.

I felt even worse for the restaurant staff, who wore masks yet had to come to our table now and again to take our orders and serve us while we didn’t have masks. You truly cannot keep your mask on until you want to get a bite and then take it off, have your bite, then put the mask back on while you chew your food, then start the whole process up again.

I have ordered food from restaurants to pick up, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go with food until we have vaccines and/or more effective treatments for Covid-19.

The bottom line is that for me it feels like I’m going through some weird, pseudo-Groundog Day-type situation, going through the same motions through the week and doing some minor traveling to grocery stores and/or box stores like Costco or Target to pick up stuff we’ll need for the week.

We don’t spend all that much money and certainly don’t travel too terribly far nor want to risk ourselves around any groups.

Returning to our “old” lives, at this point, feels like something in the far future, perhaps not until sometime next year when most of the professionals have indicated we might get those treatments/vaccines.


I’ll keep working on my novel until its done -it will be soon- and then I’ll look around and figure out my next one. I’ll also keep working at the family business and trying to keep myself safe.

We’re all in this and we all should do our part. It pains me to see people walk around outside without masks but, at least locally, it seems like the police are beginning to stop people who are outside without them and issue fines.

It needs to be done. It needs to be reinforced.

I firmly believe we can knock this down quite a bit, but only if we’re smart about it.

Sadly, for too many people that’s a non-starter.