The Day After The Day After…

It’s been two days since Tuesday’s election and, at the moment, we still have no declared winner in the 2020 election though compared to when I wrote yesterday morning, it appears more likely now that Joe Biden has won the election… but that Democratic candidates generally underperformed.

The main change between earlier yesterday morning and today is that Michigan and Wisconsin went to Biden, which pushed his electoral college totals tantalizingly close to the 270 needed to win the election.

The Senate, thought a possible flip based on statistics, appears likely to remain in Republican hands, though perhaps with a somewhat smaller majority than the one they originally had.

As was expected, Trump and his minions are going around shouting there was cheating going on and suing some states to stop their counts and not suing others to do the same (guess which ones he’s leading in and which ones he’s not?).

Despite the legal threats, I’m hoping that by later today we’ll have a declared winner… and it all boils down to one state in particular: Pennsylvania.

Currently, Trump leads the vote count there but the mail in ballots -and there are apparently quite a number of them, all properly received by the election commission and without a doubt legal- are expected to heavily favor Biden and push him over the top and into winning this state.

Should he do so, he will make it past the magical 270 electoral ballots and be declared the winner of the election.

Meanwhile, there is also the possibility Biden formally takes Arizona (while some news agencies have already given the state to Biden, there are mail in ballots here still to be counted which may give Trump enough to tie/beat Biden, who is currently leading). Finally, there’s Nevada which looks like it will go for Biden. If those two states are formally declared Biden victories, he’s got exactly 270 electoral points, which is what is needed to win.

If he gets those two and Pennsylvania, he’ll have 290 electoral votes.

Yeah, I really hope that by end of today we do get the Pennsylvania votes and they prove, like most people believe, that Biden has won the presidency.

It’s time to put the 2020 election, and Donald Trump, into our collective rear-view mirror.