…and not in a terribly good way.

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Banned Uber Attacker Says She’ll Take Lyft. Then Lyft Bans Her.

Not to spoil the entire article, but a few ladies took an Uber ride, apparently one of them refused to wear a mask and the driver insisted they all do, things got really heated and the driver decided he no longer wanted to take them anywhere.

Things escalated when he stopped somewhere to drop them off and they refused to leave the car until their subsequent ride appeared. They claimed it was a bad neighborhood and perhaps it was, and further than the driver told them if they didn’t leave he’d drop them off on the freeway.

The rider who didn’t have the mask then coughed on the driver and pulled his mask as took his cellphone. I’m assuming that was a quick thing and he got it back.

Anyway, the rider offered her version of the events and claimed she would never use Uber again and would use Lyft and Lyft… well, the article’s headline pretty much tells you what they think about these potential clients.

I’m often appalled by the way people act nowadays, though I suspect its something that’s always been the case but because of the proliferation of cellphones and the ability to film virtually anything at any time, we’re seeing examples of things that simply wouldn’t be known and/or forgotten quickly.

Instead, they’re filmed and posted online for posterity, and the people involved… well… they get to live their bad behavior for the rest of their lives.

What the riders did was appalling, there’s no two ways about it, and I have full sympathy with the Uber Driver and what he had to put up with.

Too many people out there are taking COVID-19 far to unseriously and, by doing so, they are risking the lives of others who are taking the virus seriously.

The Driver wasn’t asking the riders to do anything extraordinary. Simply wear your masks. That’s all.

But it was a bridge too far for at least one of them and something that should have been a minor matter blew up into sheer crazyness.

I wonder if somewhere down the road, when the passengers of that Uber ride are a little older, they will realize what they and the attention -negative, I imagine- was not worth it.

Take a breath, people. Think through your actions.

I suppose they’ll have to get around with Taxis or public buses from now on, unless they get their own cars.

Hell of a thing to do for something as simple as respecting your driver’s eminently reasonable request.