Markie Post (1950-2021)

This is the type of news that both shocks and depresses me… as if I needed more of that…!

Markie Post, known best for roles in the TV show Night Court (1984-1992) and The Fall Guy (1982-1985) has passed away at the age of 70 after a three year battle against cancer.

CNN offers a good article/encapsulation of her acting career here.

For me, Markie Post was an actress who I must admit I had a bit of a crush on back in the day. She was an incredibly beautiful woman but her looks weren’t all… she was quite good in Night Court, holding more than her own with the large cast…

As one gets older, one of the very sad things one comes to find is that people who, in your mind, are frozen in time do indeed -like all us mortals- age.

For me, Markie Post was forever young and beautiful in my mind. Frankly, it was something of a shock to realize that not only was she 70, but that she passed away at that age… nowadays that seems way too young.

Good night, Attorney Christine Sullivan.