The New 2021 Novel Update #6

Please forgive me the lag between postings.

Either Thursday or Friday of last week -I can’t remember too well!- I finished the 2nd draft of my new 2021 Novel and I’m very, very happy with it.

It still has a little ways to go before I feel it can be released, perhaps another three or so Drafts, but like my previous novel, Terminus Island, it feels like I’m much further along with the story versus some of my other novels. Those novels, as I mentioned before, required up to 12 Drafts before I felt they were good to go.

I suspect this one might take between 6-8 Drafts, if that many.

Despite all the major stuff my family and I have gone through these past couple of months, I’m cautiously optimistic I may find the time to finish off this book and release it by later this year.

No promises, mind you -I don’t want to curse myself!- but if things work out, it might just happen!