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Greek Archeologists discover mysterious 4000 year old building…

Sometimes one can despair from the ramping up of political news which seems all encompassing and, frankly, alternately depressing and annoying.

Then comes news like this, which I find so incredibly fascinating.

The article is by the Associated Press and I found it on CNN.com:

Greek archeologists discover mysterious, 4000 year old building on hill earmarked for new airport

The most fascinating thing to me are the photographs from the site, which indicate some kind of circular structure on top of a hill…

Now that’s an incredibly interesting structure!

At the risk of further hijacking the story itself, they also posted this image, taken from directly above the structure:


Again, I highly recommend you read the article from the link I provided above but I will summarize a bit: The architects aren’t entirely sure what the structure was used for. They did find some animal bones within so the thought is that maybe the structure was used for some kind of ritual and/or feeding. It is likely Crete Minoan in origin but it doesn’t fit in with any other known structure from that civilization. Because of its size and structure -which is quite elaborate!- it likely was a structure which required considerable resources and personel as well as technological know how therefore was likely an important structure in its time.

Fascinating, fascinating stuff!

Ancient Roman Coins found buried…

…under ruins of Japanese castle?!

Weird but true.  From the Independent…

The embedded video is playing kinda wonky so you can check the original source at this link:


The article’s headline essentially tells you everything you need to know: Ancient Roman coins, thought to be from around 300-400 A.D., were discovered under the ruins of Katsuren Castle in Japan.  Ottoman Empire coins, from the late 1600s, were also found on the site.

The question, of course, becomes: How did these ancient coins find their way there?

Watch the video or read the full article in the link above.

Its fascinating!