6 Famous Television Gags…

…we’ll never see again:


Pretty funny stuff…and very truthful.  Time marches on and what was once acceptable or maybe even possible can become obsolete or very politically incorrect.

I recall watching the DVD of John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 a few years back and listening to the director’s commentary.  When we reached this sequence presented in the first minute twenty seconds (which, in the clip below, features another person’s take on the chilling music originally created by Mr. Carpenter):

…Mr. Carpenter noted that the sniper scenes could not be used today as they were a little too strong for the current moral/movie standards.  I suspect this has changed as I recall a similar sniper type sequence in the recently released Tom Cruise film Jack Reacher.

Hmmm…having listened to the “remade” music above, I had to listen to the original from the movie:

This is perhaps my second favorite John Carpenter music theme, coming damn close to the one found on Escape From New York:

Pardon the thread drift within my own blog! 😉